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Silent Vigil: Great Horned Owl On a Branch Photography Painted Sky Canvas Print Bird Metal Wall Art

Silent Vigil: Great Horned Owl On a Branch Photography Painted Sky Canvas Print Bird Metal Wall Art

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I have had so many cool moments in my attempts to create amazing connections with nature, caught on camera. One such memorable occasion was when I stumbled upon a magnificent Great Horned Owl perched gracefully on a sturdy branch, with the backdrop of a vibrant sunset.

It was a calm afternoon, and the sun's golden rays projected comforting warmth across the horizon. I had set out on a mission to capture the essence of nature's beauty in the hopes that I would be inspired by its quiet wonders. I had no idea that I was about to participate in something genuinely spectacular.

I strolled along a remote trail with my camera gear ready, enjoying the smooth rustling of brush and the distant faint chirping of birds. I noticed a strange shape in a neighboring tree. The majestic Great Horned Owl appeared from the shadows as I crept closer, grabbing my whole attention.

The owl appeared to be acutely aware of me because of its magnificent alert ear tufts and its mesmerizing yellow eyes staring right at me. It sat regally poised on the limb, its head smoothly swiveling as it studied the area. I was enthralled by the mysterious wisdom that was imparted by the profound gaze from those penetrating eyes.

Then he flies off. Oh, I was so busy admiring the bird that I missed creating the shot!

But, wait! He didn’t go far.

He circled and landed on a dead tree not far from me.

The timing was ideal because the sun elegantly slipped below the horizon as the owl and I locked eyes again, the sky filling with an assortment of stunning hues. Orange, pink, and purple colors blended together well to create a captivating background for this incredible experience.

In order to capture every minute detail and nuance of the event, I meticulously changed my camera settings as my heart raced with expectation. The owl's serious demeanor and persistent gaze seemed to hold the answers to the natural world's riddles and invited me to explore them.


I knew I had shot something genuinely unique as soon as the shutter clicked, stopping the moment in time. The Great Horned Owl was captured in its entire splendor, lit by the setting sun in the shot.

Then, as if he knew I had gotten what I wanted, he once again abruptly stretched his massive wings, and flew off out of sight.

As I was walking back to my Jeep, I couldn't help but feel grateful for having witnessed such a special connection with that mighty bird, and captured it on camera! More than I could have asked for. Isn’t nature wonderful?!?



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Estimated delivery time for printing, assembling, packing and shipping is around 10 days.

3) Ready to Hang Canvas (split into 3 panels)

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4) Aluminum Metal Prints

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