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You may know me, my name is Cheri Alguire and I’ve helped scores of Arizona lovers find stunning art for their homes and walls.

For the last few years, I’ve been traveling to photograph some of the world’s most spectacular sights, but my heart always leads me back to the breathtaking views of Arizona.

Arizona is perhaps one of the most visually striking places I’ve ever captured,and I wanted to bring its beauty directly to you, the passionate admirer of this magnificent state.

That’s why I’ve launched a special offer—it’s called the I Love Arizona VIP Art Club.

The way it works, for a small monthly fee of $29.99/month, you receive a surprise Arizona print, hand-delivered by the mailman, to your mailbox every single month.

The content of the package will be a new extraordinary Arizona scene. Brand new and different, every month.

On my website, an 8"x10" Glossy Paper print costs $89. You will not pay that.

For an $89 piece of art to arrive at your home every month, for you to frame and hang up on your “Arizona Collage Wall”, you’ll only pay $29.99/month, instead of the listed on my website for.

This type of wall collage works great in game rooms, man caves, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and so much more!

Additional BONUS! I will throw in a free One-Time 2ft x 3ft Canvas Print and ship it to your house COMPLETELY Free, just for signing up!

By the way, a 2ft x 3ft Canvas Print sells on my website for $560.

Add in the 8”x10” Glossy Paper Print (value: $89), and you have a $649 combo waiting for you right now for only $29.99/month! There’s no catch!

After the first month, you will be able to collect a brand new 8”x10” Glossy Paper print of a new extraordinary Arizona landmark (value $89 each) for just $29.99/month, shipped out at the beginning of each month!

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Plus! 10% of sales are donated to a children's educational charity based right here
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  • Every Month you will receive (1) special 8"x10" Glossy Paper Print of Arizona, hand-delivered by the mailman each month! (Value $89/month)
  • One-time Bonus! Just for signing up, you will receive a 2ft x 3ft Canvas Print in the mail, totally FREE! ... just for signing up! (Value $560 on my website)
  • Free Annual 2ft x 3ft canvas print of your choice shipped to you, totally FREE!
  • Plus! A portion of the profits will be donated to a nature conservation charity right here in Arizona. (Value: Priceless)
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  • Cancel anytime, no contracts.

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